Hawaii Soldier Runs Marathon in Kuwait for a Good Cause

Sergeant Major Ben Cavazos
Sergeant Major Ben Cavazos

CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait (KHNL) --  For some, running a marathon is crazy.

But for a select few, it's not enough.

One Hawaii soldier stationed overseas just completed his 7th straight ultra-marathon.

In the darkness of the Kuwaiti night, Sergeant Major Ben Cavazos pushes through the final laps of his one-man ultra marathon.

"Hearing 100 miles, we were like, he crazy," said Spc. Tuvalu Panpa-Cooley.

"Thought he was crazy. Thought he was kidding. I knew he was a runner, but I thought he was joking when he said a hundred miles," said Col. Lorraine Tyacke.  "Normally back home, he normally runs 500 miles. And we know he can do it.  And he's doing it for a good cause. We're proud of him."

Cavazos is part of the Hawaii Ultra Racing Team, or HURT.

He ran his race in Kuwait, at the same time as last Saturday's annual HURT-100 in Hawaii.

His race would be very different.

Not because of location, but because this 30-year Army vet also wanted to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, which looks to help injured servicemen and women.

"I wanted to dedicate this run, and make an impact, make a difference for somebody," said Sgt. Maj. Ben Cavazos.

And after 19 hours, 59 minutes, and 49 seconds -- the end of the road.

"It's been a long road. And there's no way in hell that I would've done it by myself," said Cavazos.

"Them allowing him to do this race, to complete this mission for him, to keep him going consecutive HURT races, it's just awesome," said Maj. Jason Edwards.  "It's just feeling that we can try in our own way, to make a difference."

And that's what he did by crossing the finish line.

Because of the altitude and weather, it takes Cavazos around 30-hours to complete the 100-miles in Hawaii.

Every year, about a hundred people run the HURT-100.  On average, only a quarter of them actually finish.