DHS Plans to Share Records with Police

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- In a move to protect at-risk children, the Department of Human Services plans to give police direct access to internal records from the child welfare system.

DHS will also provide computers, software and training for police officers to help with their risk assessments.

DHS director Lillian Koller said the murder of Cyrus Belt underscored the importance of protecting children from harm.

"By creating a closer working relationship between our State agency and the County police departments, we can collectively make better informed decisions about whether or not to place a child in emergency foster care," said Koller. "We will never know if sharing our confidential files could have saved the life of Cyrus, but heightened communication between first responders and DHS staff can certainly prevent future tragedies."

DHS plans to make this information sharing available to police departments statewide.