Private Citizens File Lawsuit Against Alleged Illegal Rentals

Thomas E. Bush
Thomas E. Bush

HALEIWA (KHNL) -- They say the city has failed to do it, so they're now taking matters into their own hands. A couple on Oahu's North Shore is turning to the courts to crack down on illegal vacation rentals.

Joseph and Ikuyo Pavsek claim some of their neighbors have been allegedly renting out their homes to vacationers for years, causing a laundry list of problems their lawyers say has destroyed the character of their neighborhood.

Beachfront homes on Papailoa Road in Haleiwa are supposed to be private residential properties, except some are advertised on the internet as vacation rentals.

It's evidence a couple living nearby, is using as ammo in their battle against three alleged illegal rentals, which they say have hurt their neighborhood.

"You have a situation where people build their rock walls in front of their houses. You don't know who's there. They don't know you. You don't know who's coming or going and suddenly you're isolated in your own neighborhood," said Thomas E. Bush, one of the Pavsek's lawyers.

Among the complaints in the lawsuit - the neighborhood is suffering from added traffic and noise, and that the streets, including a private right-of-way to the beach, are littered with trash, such as drug paraphernalia, and beer bottles.

"This would be a way in which Oahu residents can take back their neighborhoods and prevent the commercialization of desirable areas to raise your family, have the community, and so forth," said Bush.

The couple hopes the courts can resolve what they say the City and County of Honolulu can't or won't, for the sake of preserving their neighborhood.

The Pavsek's lawyers are seeking a preliminary injunction. A hearing date for that has not yet been set.

The owners of the alleged illegal rentals could not be reached for comment.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants are Todd and Juliana Sandvold, owners of the home located on 61-703 Papailoa Road, Kent and Joan Sather, owners of the house on 61-707 Papailoa Road, and Waialua Oceanview LLC, owner of the home on 61-715 Papailoa Road.

The lawsuit is also filed against Hawaii Beach Homes, Hawaii Beach Travel, and Hawaii on the Beach for allegedly acting as booking agents for the homes.