Trapped Horse Rescued In Waimanalo

Dana Vennen
Dana Vennen

WAIMANALO (KHNL)--A horse at the Waimanalo polo field is trapped for hours when two giant ironwood trees crash down around him. Amazingly, this two-year-old horse was hardly hurt.

This is one of those animal rescue stories that is hard to believe. At first horse owners at the polo field could not even find him, he was buried by the branches.

When 60-mile-per-hour winds ripped through Waimanalo last month, they took down 100-foot high trees.

They crashed into this stall. The horse, named Junior was missing.

Dana Vennen was first on scene.

"I couldn't see anything, I couldn't find him," said Vennen.

The trees bent the fence and trapped him. But there was hope. All you could see was his head peeking out.

"They were on top of him, they were below him on either side, in front, behind, they were all around him," said Vennen, who's with the Theraputic Horsemanship of Hawaii .

The strong winds knocked down those ironwoods trapping poor junior here for about four hours that was until helped arrived in the form of a chainsaw.

They gave him breakfast in a bucket to distract him as rescuers cut him out.

"They let me hold him while the chainsaws were right in front of his face," recalled Vennen.

Dana walked him out to freedom and they share a special bond.

"He's such a sweetheart obviously we would miss him quite a bit. I was so relieved to see he was ok."

Junior's home is destroyed so now he has a new stall with two mares for company.

Theraputic Horsemanship of Hawaii received a grant to trim some of the ironwood trees to prevent an accident in the future.

He's not Mister Ed, but maybe Junior is sharing his story of survival around the watering trough.