Local Driver Returns Home for 1st Drift Competition

HONOLULU (KHNL)--One of the world's best drift drivers will be action here in Hawaii on Saturday to race in NOPI's inaugural drift competition at Aloha Stadium. And not only is she local, SHE is a girl.

"Nobody took me seriously at first, they look at me and they're like, you're not a driver, come on Verena that's cute," said Verena Mei of Pearl City.

Verena became interested in the sport after spending three years as a TOYO tires poster model.

"I sent myself to stunt school where i learned all the extreme driving measure, then I went to drag racing school, got my NHRA pro license and then I went to road racing school then started to drift," said the model turned driver.

For almost four years Verena's been drift racing, and she's quickly become one of the best in her sport. She's widely regarded as the top female drifter in the country. However, it's a status she has to work hard to keep.

"You constantly have to prove to them over and over by working on your car, showing them you really have a passion for it and just show them that you really wanted it, at least that's what I had to go through," said Mei.

Now with her success, Verena hopes she can motivate others to go after their dreams whatever they may be.

"I hope to inspire people, young men and women to show them they can do anything, and it's never too late to go after your dream no matter what it is."