North Shore Community Supports Governor

Gil Riviere
Gil Riviere

NORTH SHORE (KHNL)--Community members who oppose Turtle Bay development are elated to hear about the governor's commitment to preserving Oahu's North Shoreline.

The Turtle Bay Resort encompasses 880 acres. It includes championship golf courses and five miles of sandy shoreline. There are 18 miles of trails and undeveloped ocean front land.

Governor Lingle is determined to preserve much of it.

"The residents on the North Shore call it 'Keeping the Country Country', I call it fulfilling commitments to future generations and I ask everyone listening today to join me in this effort," said Lingle.

Resort officials didn't know about her interest in the property.

Kuilima Resort Company issued this response: "We were surprised to learn about the governor's proposal to purchase Turtle Bay Resort and we are very open to meeting with the governor and discussing the project with her. "

Community members and the president of the organization, Keep the North Shore Country, say it's about time.

"I think it shows real leadership to the extent there has to be thoughtful development and conservation of important lands on Oahu," said Gil Riviere, President of Keep The North Shore Country.

Resort owners are committed to operating the resort and continued growth.

"We continue to move forward to resolve our foreclosure action. And move forward with the development of the resort as planned."

But community members are hoping the state can finance the purchase and keep it in public hands.

"We have an urban area where we have the majority of the population and they need a place to go for recreational opportunities and to get away," Riviere said.