Lingle's Speech Touch Pressing Issues in Hawaii

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The governor's 40 minute long address touched on a number of other pressing issues in Hawaii.

She told lawmakers she, Lt. Governor Aiona and members of the Cabinet are not the kind of people who slow down, and promises to work hard over the next three years.

Her address began with comments about personal responsibility, for average citizens and government agencies.

"Personal responsibility means driving with aloha, watching out for pedestrians and not letting friends drive drunk."

She also talks about personal and governmental fiscal responsibility with Hawaii tax revenues declining by 353 million dollars in less than a year. This, the governor says will require political leaders to make some tough choices.

Wrapping innovation and education together the governor encouraged investment in education and workforce programs to prepare hawaii residents to succeed in a competitive landscape.

"We need to make giant strides that bring about significant progress."

She reviewed a number of initiatives that are helping Hawaii and recognized several programs that she says are "securing a brighter tomorrow for future generations."

The governor also focused on energy and the goal of energy independence and security.

"This is as important as anything else we do for the next three years. Today, Hawaii is the most oil-dependent state in America and this has to change."

Among the steps to speed progress, the state will re-establish an energy division. It will continue to encourage and support alternative energy generation, like solar power.

And it's entering an innovative partnership with the U.S. Department of energy to develop indigenous renewable energy.