OIA & ILH = 1

The time has come.  Some very preliminary discussions are under way, and I certainly hope they continue, because it really is time to merge the OIA and ILH.  Red, white, and blue, a special subdivision for tiny schools, all of the details need to be worked out, of course, but it's time to get it together, sports fans.  A lasting vestige of ignorance and stubbornness is the inane stereotyping still done too often based on ethnic background.  Good grief, folks, it's 2008, can you see the melting pot yet?  It's right in front of you.  Next to that, it grows tiring to hear inaccurate and ridiculously broad stereotyping based on what school you attended.  Enough already.

Maybe athletics can help break down the barrier.  Big schools play big, smaller schools play smaller.  Big schools, you can't choose to play lower, but smaller schools can ask to move up. You think the odds are slanted toward the private sector?  Don't tell that to the Kaimuki, Hilo, Kalaheo, or Moanalua boys' basketball teams.  Don't even suggest it to Konawaena or Aiea on the girls' basketball side.  Molokai, Baldwin?  Baseball champs of recent note.  Leilehua, Kahuku?  Football kings.  Mililani, Pearl City--boys and/or girls soccer champs.

Yes, the time has come; the vital details must be worked out, early season matches and rivalries can still be sustained where each game becomes more critical, rather than playing the same team two or three times in a season--maybe crowds will grow as each match against a  traditional rival takes on more importance.  On this relatively small island, it's time to bring kids and parents together.  Let's break down some walls and seriously look at this not-so-radical shake-up.  Think About It.