Governor Lingle Delivers State of the State Speech

Governor Linda Lingle
Governor Linda Lingle

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle delivers her "State of the State" address.

The governor will be challenged with getting her proposals through a legislature dominated 80% by Democrats.

Governor Lingle took advantage of this opporunity to remind the state, "the economy is still strong."

But, more needs to be done.

The governor indicated lawmakers can expect a "new set of proposals" that helps the state get-away from "what she calls" an economy based-on "land development", and transition to one, based on nurturing the talents of the students and workers, here in the islands.

Governor Lingle, also emphasized the continuing need to move-away from our dependency on "fossil fuels" and turn "now more than ever" to renewable energy sources.

"Today, Hawaii is the most oil-dependent state in America...and this has to change," said Lingle.  "To further speed our progress toward energy security and a clean energy future, the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism is being reorganized to re-establish an Energy Division. Every week my departments are visited by developers of renewable energy projects - from wind to solar, from wave and ocean thermal to biofuel, from algae to even energy from space."

And as a grand finale, Governor Lingle announced the effort -- by the state -- to purchase the 850-acre Turtle Bay property, on Oahu's north shore.

The governor says, by preserving the land, the state can help preserve the unique, North Shore, country life-style.