Sailors Welcomed Home From Iraq

HONOLULU (KHNL)--They normally work on ships at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard but when a call went out for volunteers for Iraq, they raised their hands.

A huge crowd was on hand at the airport for their happy homecoming

Six sailors return home after spending the past 15 months on the ground in Iraq.

The sailors turned soldiers were greeted by co-workers from the shipyard.

What makes their sacrifice so special is they volunteered for hazardous ground duty in Iraq.

Now mission accomplished.

"15 months and Oh my gosh it feels awesome but we weren't expecting this, this is crazy. But it's so awesome to be back," said Petty Officer Jeffrey Hughes.

"I missed the weather, my family and being able to call home. Simple things you know just being able to shower. Simple things in life make it wonderful to be in America", said Petty Officer Anthony Taylor.

In the past few years, 32 Pearl Harbor sailors traded in their Navy whites for camouflage fatigues to augment ground forces.