Mourners Continue Flocking to Baby's Makeshift Memorial

Zina Jale
Zina Jale
Chelsea Gordon
Chelsea Gordon

MAKIKI (KHNL) -- It is a horrific crime that has touched the heart of Hawaii. For many, the murder of Cyrus Belt is unthinkable and unexplainable. To get some sort of closure, many are now visiting the overpass, where the nearly two-year-old toddler was thrown to his death.

There's been a steady stream of people throughout the day; neighbors, parents of young children, and just anyone who has been touched by Cyrus' tragic story.

They've been adding to this makeshift memorial, at a place where his young life ended.

A shrine honoring a baby who suffered a gruesome death. Balloons, stuffed animals, and even handwritten notes for 23-month-old Cyrus Belt, killed when he was thrown from this freeway overpass by a neighbor on Thursday.

"My daughter will be two in May. They're months apart," said Zina Jale, a mom who came down from Waianae to pay her respects. "It's just -- oh, my God -- so hard, you know."

Parents of young children have been especially touched by this tragedy, dumbfounded by a senseless act.

"Oh, my God," said Jale. "How can someone do this to a child so young?"

This father took a moment to pray with his children. Another man posted this written prayer. Throughout the day, people trickled in, bringing a token of their love and remembering a baby taken away too soon.

For neighbor Chelsea Gordon, this shrine is a reminder of a tragedy so close to home.

"Just to see that happen to him was horrible, so I had to come and pay my respects," she said.

Cyrus' death has shaken Gordon's faith in humanity.

"It's scary," she said. "If I had kids of my own, I would be too paranoid to have them out or near someone like that, just to know that anyone is capable of doing something like that. It's disgusting."

For these mourners, their thoughts are with Cyrus and his grieving mother.

"I hope she's okay and that I'm sorry for her loss," said Gordon. "That's all I could really say to her because I couldn't imagine going through something this horrible."

A senseless act that continues to pull at the collective heartstrings of the people of Hawaii.

Saturday, a memorial fund has been set up at Bank of Hawaii. It is under the baby's name: Cyrus Belt, and the donations will go to cover funeral expenses. People can go to any Bank of Hawaii branch to donate.