Clothing Line Supports Local Athletes

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- Represent the 808.  It's the motto and mentality for a local clothing line. And they treated football fans here with an autograph session with some of Hawaii's favorites.

Fans flock to the new Barefoot League clothing store on Kapahulu Avenue, picking up some new threads, and getting autographs.

"We love to give back to the community and we love to see local people," said Samson Satele, center for the Miami Dolphins. "It's been a long time since I've seen local people."

"When I showed up today, I was thinking in my head, I just hope there's three people," said Leonard Peters, safety for the Chicago Bears. "But the line wrapped around the building, so I was just grateful of how good of fans we still have here."

"For us, we have different teams and different states and stuff, but people still know where we're at and supporting us, so it's great," Peters added.

That's because each one of these guys either are from Hawaii, played for University of Hawaii, or both.  And to merchandisers, that means something.

"They've represented Hawaii for such a long time," said Keith Sasaki, representative of the Barefoot League. "The marriage there of them wearing something very, very Hawaiian is a perfect match."

The logo shows the Hawaiian Islands as the toes on a bare foot. It's worn by local athletes here in Hawaii, as well as in the mainland.

"They want to know more about it," said Maa Tanuvasa, formerly of the Denver Broncos. "A lot of kids that go away to college, especially on the mainland, have something that identifies where they're from."

Because no matter where you are, you should never forget where you're from.

Barefoot league is also co-sponsoring a football clinic Saturday, January 26.

It's at AMR Field at Fort Shafter.

For more information, contact:

Aliamanu Military Reservation Area

Bldg. 1782

Honolulu, Hawaii

Sports Director: (808) 836-1923