Hawaii Residents Mourn Toddler's Death

Shyenne Scuster
Shyenne Scuster

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- An unthinkable act has people across the island chain in shock and mourning.

There's a large support for the family of a young boy who was thrown off an overpass onto the H-1 Freeway.

Family, friends even complete strangers are mourning the death of the toddler.

And a makeshift memorial is growing at the scene of this tragic crime.

Within a matter of hours, the site has grown from just a few dozen to hundreds of stuffed animals and flowers.

A steady stream of strangers pay their respects to the little boy and grieving family throughout the Friday night.

Flowers, balloons, notes, even toys are left as a show of support and love for the grieving family.

"I can't imagine what the mother, the family is going through right now," said Shyenne Shcuster of Foster Village.

Shyenne Shcuster lives all the way in Foster Village. She doesn't even know the family, but has her own little boy, the same age as little Cyrus Belt .

"It's an innocent child. I mean his life is just begun and it's unfortunate. He's not going to grow up, He's not going to have a child hood. I don't understand how his parents let that happen," Shcuster said.

Just up the street at the family home, we find the little boy's grandfather. Two-year-old Cyrus was left in his care.

He described how horrible he felt and exactly what happened.

"Yeah, my grandson was with me, but I was sleeping, and it's been a miscommunication on the part of my daughter and her boyfriend and I," Tio Asiata told KHNL News 8. "I was not woken up when they left the house."

Cyrus's mom, Nancy Chanco, wasn't home.

Understandably so, as the man accused of throwing her son to his death, lives in the apartment just upstairs.

Police arrested Matthew Higa nearby on Prospect Street shortly after the incident.

In an email by one of his friends, she tells us, she believed Higa was involved in drugs.

She writes..."the ice epidemic that plagues Hawaii has taken my friend Matthew Higa hostage."

She says Higa went in a downward spiral of guilt after he and his best friend got into a bad car crash on the H-1 freeway in 2004.

The two friends were reportedly racing. Both crashed their cars on the H-1 freeway below the Punahou overpass. His friend died. Higa survived.

Ironically, that deadly accident happened on the same stretch of the H-1 just over a mile away from where he reportedly ended the little boy's life.

KHNL News 8 did speak with the little Cyrus' mom and her boyfriend very briefly by telephone.

They are staying at an undisclosed location.

She was very kind, and said she just needed time to themselves to sort things out right now.

The funeral services are being planned, no date and time have been set as of yet.