Effect of Greatest Season Seen in Ticket Requests

MANOA (KHNL) -- Not even three weeks have passed since the Warriors greatest season ended, but they're still one of the hottest tickets in town.

"In just the past couple days we've received 360 deposits representing about 1,200 new season tickets, so we're really excited about that. It's just a start to our goal again, we've set a bowl game goal of 30,000 season tickets so we have work to do," said interim athletics director Carl Clapp.

This is the earliest fans have been able to reserve season tickets, as the University wants to capitalize on the momentum of last year's team.

"People are passionate about Hawaii football and also Coach McMackin, people are excited about the program continuing in a strong direction under his leadership and the continuity that we've been able to keep," said Clapp.

Last year, one fan, Shannon Wood, couldn't attend any of the games because of a car accident. This year she'll be there, and not just to cheer the Warriors on.

"If i'm going to be asking the Legislature and the tax payers to unwrite the costs of major capital improvement projects in the University system, then i need to put my money where my mouth is," said Wood.

Shannon also thinks other fans should do the same, and not just for the football team.

"It has to be basketball both men's and women, the volleyball team, the track team, the swimming teams, and certainly the baseball team, because just like the women's volleyball team, that has been a major source of State pride," said Wood.