Kaneohe Woman Holds Garage Sale to Make a Difference

Alice Yoder
Alice Yoder

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- A Kaneohe woman hopes to make a difference in a community located thousands of miles away.

Alice Yoder hopes to raise money that'll make fresh drinking water available to a poor community in Kenya by holding a garage sale this weekend.

At 85 years old, Alice Yoder is on a mission.

She is raising money locally to build a well in Kenya.

"I hope to accomplish it soon, that is right," said Yoder.  "God has been good to me, to give me good health so I don't know how much longer I will be traveling so I want to get this well now."

They desperately need drinking water.

"Because all they have is to use is river water which is used for washing animals, for anything," Yoder added.

Yoder has stong ties to the village.  She supports a hospital her parents built.

"I was born there, it's my place of birth," she said.  "Just when you go to Kenya after you have lived there, you feel your roots."

And here's how you can help. She is throwing a garage sale with donations from friends.

A generous donation: fabulous Mikimoto pearls, three necklaces valued at thousands of dollars each will be sold at a fraction of their cost at this upscale garage sale.

There are trinkets and treasures from all over Asia and India.  Intricate wood carvings, a table cloth right out of Africa, fabulous furniture, ornate jewelry, amazing accessories and plenty of plants.

There is fine jewelry and just some fun pieces, timeless timepieces, oriental carpet and other Far East antiques.

The sale is 8:00 a.m. Saturday, January 19th, at 345 Kealahou Street in Hawaii Kai.