Online Driving Contract Aims at Safer Teen Driving

John Elway
John Elway

(KHNL) -- He was a football star and now that he's a father, John Elway takes a stand on safe driving with teens.

Elway is the spokesperson for a new online campaign aimed at safer teen driving.

Elway recently completed an online driving contract with his teens, and now he's asking all parents to take that same step.

Car crashes are the number one killer of teens. That according to the the Allstate Foundation.

While parents are aware of the dangers, experts believe parents need to play a bigger role in ensuring their teen's safety.

In a recent survey, only 56% of parents discuss safe driving with their teens before age 15. This subject takes a back seat to sex, drugs and alcohol.

That's why former football star John Elway is encouraging parents to get involved.

"We as parents don't realize we are role models when we get behind the wheel and the family's in the car and what we do, they will do when they're in the car,"said Elway.

The campaign includes an online parent-teen driving contract that helps parents and teens create safe driving principles.

As a father of two teenagers, Elway wants to steer the understanding of safe teen driving in the right direction.

"It was good for me to go into different things that was on that contract that I might not have been able to think of as a parent myself whether it's do the traffic tickets, talking on the cell phone, eating while driving and the different consequences," Said elway.

Consequences that can ultimately save their lives.

Parents can take that first step by going online to complete the contract with their teen by clicking on the Allstate link.