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April 29, 2002

Blue Relief Gel

It's similar to that super blue stuff that you've seen on TV. This is called Blue Relief Pain Relief Gel. It comes in a tub, as well as a roll on. It claims to be great for body aches, sore muscles, chronic pain, arthritis, back ache, and other ailments, and is supposed to work in just minutes. But as always, we want to know, Does it Work?

Patrick Freitas has a bad left knee after years of abuse. "I'm usually like in three or four basketball leagues at a time, all the time for the last ten to 12 years. So, it's just like wear and tear. Too much wear and tear," he says.

He's rubbing on the blue relief following the directions on the tub. After waiting ten minutes, Patrick gives us the results.

"Like on the top layer of skin I can actually feel it a little. My pains are a little deeper than that but it's slightly working. So I feel a little bit of numbing but it doesn't feel like pain relief, it feels more like an anesthetic," says Patrick.

Chris Okagi has suffered from arthritis for about a year now. His problem area is also the left knee.

Okagi says, "Kinda intense pain you know when it hits you and especially when you twist the wrong way. Lot of movements, I was amazed at. I get pain when I make such a small movement."

Chris rubs a generous quantity of blue relief on that knee. He says it feels cool. And after waiting ten minutes, "It feels about the same as when you put it on, the coolness. The coolness is still there. Effectiveness, zero to ten still the same. About three."

So, does blue relief deliver the pain relief it promises. We asked Chris and Patrick, does it work?

Patrick says, "It sorta works, yeah, it sorta works."

Chris says, "I don't think so, I don't think so. Not for that kind of money. Ha, ha, ha."

And just what kind of money are we talking about. Well, if you want some blue relief it'll cost you about 30 bucks.

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