Boat Harbor Getting Improvements

KEEHI HARBOR (KHNL) --  Help is on the way for one of Oahu's busy small boat harbors, parts of which are falling into the ocean.

At Keehi Harbor, more than 90 of the 360 slips are unusable, because of neglected repairs over the years.

But now millions from the state could refloat the piers and the hopes of many of the boaters there.

On a quiet day at Keehi Harbor, you can almost hear the piers falling apart. Broken planks sag into the ocean, taking water lines and connections with them.

Many of the boaters there have a laid back do-it-themselves attitude but even they are demanding help now.

"It's drastic, it's time, you gotta do something. You get a major storm like last January and it will take most of these piers out," said longtime boater, Bill Jordan.

The state says help is on the way. Construction to replace these unusable piers will begin this summer. Thanks to $4,000,000 in funding. But some say that's not enough.

"Four million is not going to do nothing to tap this problem," Jordan added.

Broken piers and deteriorating access are just some of the problems boaters have with this harbor. On useable piers, boaters worry about their own safety because of problems that have been around for years.

"The patches of plywood on the planks and plumbing hanging in the water, fixing anything we pretty much have to do it ourselves," said longtime boater, Ralph Fuller.

And while the boaters look forward to getting rid of the rotting eyesores of a pair of piers, many also hope the entire harbor will one day be fixed up as well.

"We love it, so we deal with it, and hang in there waiting for improvements," said Fuller.

The State Department of Land and Natural Resources has plans to replace other aging piers in the future at an even higher cost. But that construction is dependent on funding from the legislature.