Scientists Investigate How Climate Affects Ocean's Predators

John Sibert
John Sibert

MANOA (KHNL) -- Scientists at the University of Hawaii at Manoa are leading the way in investigating the impact of climate change on top predators in the world' oceans.

To find out how climate temperature impacts top predators in the ocean, scientists from over 25 countries are taking part in a global study.

The 10-year project will watch how species like sharks, dolphins, tuna, and sea turtles are affected by earth's rising temperatures.

"We've put together this house of cards, and over the next ten years, we'll attempt to shore up this house so that we'll have a little more confidence in what lives in the top floors," said John Sibert with the UH Manoa Pelagic Fisheries Research Program.

Sibert says the size of tuna populations off the coast of Hawaii could have a major economic impact on costal communities and could determine the food security of many developing countries.