McMackin as New Warrior Football Head Coach?

June Jones
June Jones
Greg McMackin
Greg McMackin

MANOA (KHNL) -- Greg McMackin is expected to be named the new Warrior football head coach on Wednesday.

That comes from a report by ESPN.

But the school says, not so fast.

School officials say as of this time, there is no news conference scheduled for anytime this week.

But McMackin is considered the front runner and even got a big endorsement from his old boss.

Originally, Warrior Defensive Coordinator Greg McMackin was thought to be headed to Southern Methodist with June Jones.

But even Jones admits Mac is the best guy for Hawaii.

"I don't wanna lose Greg McMackin, and just the thought that he has the possibility to be here, I want that for the school," said Jones.  "I think it helps with the continuity, the players and the coaches and you know, salvaging the recruiting part of it right now. He has the best chance to do those things."

Those are the same reasons why players want him, as well as some of the assistant coaches.

Jones says Mac can also continue to carry the momentum built last season.

"Everybody will get re-energized again, and if the school, Virginia, David are doing the things they say they are gonna do, then the next guy has a much better chance than we did to sustain it," Jones said.

Sources tell us McMackin is being interviewed by the school's selection committee on Tuesday.

School officials said they want to name Jones' successor quickly, especially during this critical recruiting season.

Jones says they don't need to look very far.

Even if it means sacrificing for his new team.

"I want what's best for Hawaii," said Jones.  "I'll survive. We'll find another coach if he does not come, that will allow us to win, and do what we do at SMU. I have great confidence in that."

The school says the new head coach must be someone who can lead a smooth transition.

Appreciates the special connection between Hawaii athletics and the community and produce successful student athletes.