Back to Class for Public School Students

Eddie Kealanahele
Eddie Kealanahele
Calvin Nomiyama
Calvin Nomiyama

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Rush hour traffic, both morning and afternoon, kicked into high gear, once again Monday, as all 256 Hawaii public schools re-opened their doors for the spring semester.

That amounts to more than 180,000 students, statewide, returning from a three-week break, instead of the traditional two weeks.

Enthusiastic students at Puuhale Elementary School proudly raise the American and Hawaii flags, just before sun-up.

In fact, a number of them arrived as early as six o'clock, waiting to hit the books.

For the past few years, public school students have enjoyed three-week-long holiday breaks.

Families take advantage.

''I was very nice, we went to Alaska," said parent, Kim Tripp.

But, with all these students returning to class, including the university system, and Chaminade university, next came the inevitable -- bumper to bumper traffic.

So, after fighting the traffic, and surviving the three weeks, these parents admit, it's time to put those darn kids back in school.

''It's real good because sometimes my wife and I work at the same time and we have to hire somebody and we have five kids," explained parent Eddie Kealanahele. "So, it's kind of expensive. Three weeks is kind of long, though. They start forgetting things. You have to remind them read a book, write your numbers, things like that."

''This is very exciting, as you can see, the students are lining-up, getting ready to charge into school," exclaimed Puuhale Elementary School Principal, Calvin Nomiyama. "So, are our teachers. They're all jazzed up and ready to roll.''

For those of you keeping track and looking ahead, the two-week long spring break starts on March 14th.

Then, the six-week long summer vacation for public schools, begins on June 5th.