UH Football Hangover?

MANOA (KHNL) -- The University of Hawaii sports season has been understandably all about the Warrior football team, and now that the season is over, it's basketball's and volleyball's turn to be in the spotlight.

But that spotlight is a bit dimmer than usual. Are Hawaii sports fans suffering from a football hangover?

Some fans at the Stan Sheriff Center were at the men's volleyball game Friday night. They said they have noticed that seats seem more empty.

Men's volleyball is entering the season with what appears to be less fans in the stands.

"As far as I can see, volleyball is way off, especially men's volleyball. We're getting a little over 1000. We used to have 3000 to 4000 so the attendance has gone way down," said Bruce McCullough, a season ticket holder who has been going to UH games the last 25 years.

"It's not as much as normal because they're all probably wanting to go to football games and stuff," said UH volleyball fan, Jasmine Baginski.

Just how much the Warrior football team's greatest season has bumped attention away from UH sports teams is hard to gauge. Some say seats are more empty because the men's volleyball team isn't doing so well.

"If you look at their lineup it's mostly freshmen and sophomores so it will be a while for them to get back on track," said McCullough.

"Yes, definitely but this is just the beginning of volleyball so people will be coming back for sure," said Nathleen Young, a UH volleyball fan.

While there are fans who only follow strong teams there are those who support their favorites, win or lose.

"We like volleyball. We still like volleyball because we play volleyball and we think it's really fun and we like watching other people play - the Wahine and the men's team," said Baginski.

Some fans said they still prefer UH volleyball or basketball, even after the Warrior football team's greatest season. So the BCS attention hasn't completely taken away from other UH teams.

The Rainbow Warrior Volleyball team lost to Long Beach Friday night.