Kalihi Family Continues Search for Missing Grandmother

Anicia Manzano
Anicia Manzano
Robbin Manzano
Robbin Manzano
Amador Manzano
Amador Manzano

KALIHI (KHNL) -- Another local family continues to search for its loved one. 79-year-old Anicia Manzano hasn't been seen since last Thursday.

The family has been looking non-stop since she disappeared. Friday, they focused their efforts in their kalihi neighborhood. They're still hopeful she'll come home soon.

Anicia Manzano is a beloved mother and grandmother who lives in Kalihi.

"She really loved us, and helped us a lot especially when my kids were small," said Amador Manzano, her son.

She has been missing since last Thursday.

"Every day, me and my dad and family members are searching around for her," said Robbin Manzano, her grandson. "Every single day until like three am in the morning."

Mrs. Manzano has Alzheimer's disease, which means she may not know her name or where she lives. Plus, she has other issues.

"She's very thin and she can't even feed herself, take a bath herself, and she hardly even speaks," said Robbin Manzano.

Robbin and his dad looked for his grandmother at Sand Island Beach Park. Then they headed over to a homeless shelter, hoping this time, they would find her there, but no sign of her. So, they're reaching out to the people of Hawaii.

"Please do help us, because we're really worried about her already," said Amador Manzano. "And we're hoping she's still alive."

"It would be easier if everybody would be involved instead of just the family itself," added Robbin Manzano.

And Ronald Lee's safe return gives the Manzanos hope for a positive outcome.

"Just hoping that she will still be alive, and still well and safe wherever she is," said Robbin Manzano. "Hope to find her soon."

The family plans to continue its search over the weekend, and in the day to come until she is found.