World's Smallest Car Has Big Ambition

By Ian Williams

DELHI, India (KHNL) -- It may be a small car, but it's expected to create big opportunities for people around the globe.

The Tata Nano is the world's cheapest new car with a sticker price of about $2,500.

Industry experts sat it could affect the automotive market as profoundly as Henry Ford's Model-T did.

But not everyone is celebrating it's arrival.

It might be the world's cheapest car, but there was nothing modest about the roll out in Delhi of a small car with big ambition.

The Tata Nano, designed to revolutionize the auto-industry, and bring motoring to the masses.

The Tata Nano has no air conditioning or power steering but it can be yours for two and a half thousand dollars, which is roughly the cost of the safety features alone in most American models.

Still, here they insist safety isn't being compromised, and that the fifty-mile per gallon Nano will pollute less than motorcycles.

While out on Delhi's already clogged streets today, the Nano was welcomed by those at whom it is aimed.

"The people car, for me it is dream."

Initially, the car will be sold only in India, but the Tata group does aim to export it and other companies hope to follow suit.

Asia may be in love with the car, but traffic in these cities is already a nightmare and the prospect of a wave of low cost cars joining this mayhem is not everybody's idea of progress.