Salt Lake Residents Screaming Mad Over Parking Situation

Salt Lake (KHNL)--The Salt Lake area is a very densely-populated community of Oahu, and that means, parking is at a premium.

The community's neighborhood board asked Honolulu Police to crack down on parking violators. The tickets stacked up, and Thursday night, residents exploded with anger over the situation.

The area is largely a community filled with condominiums and finding street parking is often a tough task. The neighborhood board wants police to put the brakes on illegal parking.

The neighborhood board told police that there was a problem with vehicles being illegally parked or abandoned.

Officers responded and in just three and a half days this week, more than a thousand citations were issued in Salt Lake, Aliamanu and Foster Village.

And Thursday night, police were back in the area again.   But this time, to help keep the peace as residents lashed out at the neighborhood board.

An unidentified resident said, "I've got seven tickets in three days and this is not right they didn't give us a warning, it's more than that i can't afford to pay i've got 245 dollars worth of tickets including my self my son and my daughter in law."

Another said I have "4 tickets now... The pick-up I pull the ticket out to call my friends what I can do about that. When I came out, there was another ticket on the windshield again."

To say this meeting was "heated", is actually quite an understatement.   At one point, police escorted at least one resident out of the building.

Neighborhood Board members expressed their frustration as well. They say, as far as they can see, ticketing is the only immediate solution to the parking problem.