State Senators Tour University of Hawaii Manoa

MANOA (KHNL)--Facilities are once again under the microscope. Many areas on both the upper and lower campus have been in a state of dis-repair for years. And they are large part of the reason June Jones is now the "former" warriors football coach. He resigned Monday to take over the SMU football program.

Lawmakers cleared their calendars and met in the chancellor's office before the tour.

"I'm just appreciative you're spending your time and energy to learn more about our challenges because it is addressable. It is Manoa's moment. There is a lot of incentives going on at this point. And we're very dedicated to keeping that going," says Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw

The first stop is the athletics department. And it's our first look inside the building. Former Coach Jones complained about and for good reason. The wallpaper is peeling. There are stains on the well worn carpeting. Ceiling tiles are missing exposing a leaky air conditioning system.

"I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. Clearly there are areas in need of assistance and repairs. And we are looking for ways of helping the university facilitate public private partnership to speed up the process," indicates Senator Roz Baker.

The most surprising revelation new offices planned in this unfinished space. "The fact that we've been shown facilities that have been built the money put in nobody bothered to come back to ask for fund to finish it. We're just seen what has been said in the media one of our coaches left because of the facilities and to think none of the priorities were well known," explains Senator Donna Mercado Kim.

The locker rooms are in dis-repair. They are outdated and there is no way for the players to lock up their personal items resulting in theft.

Senators with the Ways and Means Committee will investigate further.