Police Issue 1,000+ Citations in Salt Lake Parking Crackdown

Salt Lake, Oahu
Salt Lake, Oahu

SALT LAKE (KHNL) -- If you're a Salt Lake resident, you may have noticed a lot of tickets left on cars in your neighborhood this week. It's part of a crackdown on parking violators in the densely-populated community.

Howard Shima has lived in Salt Lake for 40 years, and has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cars parked in his neighborhood.

"About 7 o'clock at night, this place is jam packed, yeah," he said, while pointing to his street. "And this has been going and getting worse."

In a community filled with condominiums, street parking is at a premium. But the neighborhood board wants police to put the brakes on illegal parking.

"They felt there was a problem with vehicles being parked, left there, abandoned, and parking violations, I mean, stop signs, fire hydrants, the whole deal," Sgt. John Kauwenaole, Honolulu Police Department, said.

So citations hit windshields, as a task force of officers sweeps through.

In just three-and-a-half days this week, 1,048 tags are issued in Salt Lake, Aliamanu and Foster Village. Here's the breakdown:

592 -- parking tickets

236 -- expired safety checks

182 -- expired registrations

38 -- miscellaneous equipment violations

"Whoa!" Shima exclaimed, after hearing the numbers. "That's great. I think we needed to do that. We always have to conform, yeah, and obey the rules."

Of course, not everyone's happy about the stepped-up enforcement. But police say they're responding to community members' concerns.

"We didn't anticipate that much," Kauwenaole said. "But when we got out here and we saw how many was, we figured, we figured it's going to be a lot."

Police plan to present the citation figures at the neighborhood board meeting Thursday night.