Nanikapono Students Hear Clearly Thanks to Donation

Kerry Kopp
Kerry Kopp
Kalei Ponce
Kalei Ponce

NANAKULI (KHNL) -- When public schools resume class, Monday, students at Nanaikapono Elementary will receive a bit of a surprise.

Thanks to a generous donation, eight classrooms have been fitted with an audio enhancement system to help students hear their teachers better.

As the label says, "Some assembly required."

It's a belated delivery of a holiday gift to Nanaikapono, a state-of-art sound system to help teachers communicate with the entire class, without having to raise their voices.

"It's going to be really nice," said Nanaikapono kindergarten teacher Kalei Ponce. ""It'll help the students wherever they are in the class, they'll be able to hear me."

And in the role of Santa Claus, the human resources company, ALTRES Staffing.

''The teacher wears a mic that's very comfortably hanging from around their neck," explained ALTRES Staffing president, Kerry Kopp.  "But, there's also a hand-held mic and one of the benefits that they expressed to us it helped build their public speaking confidence at an early age."

Up until now, ALTRES would donate funds to schools for the holidays.

But, this time around, executives thought they'd try something a little different.

''This year, we decided to install this equipment because it would perpetually enhance learning at the elementary school level," Kopp said.

In all, the bill for the audio equipment comes out to $18,000.

And that doesn't include the donated labor.

''I'm thankful for donating this to us and I think they're going to be excited.  They're probably going to be fighting over the microphone," said Ponce.

ALTRES is now encouraging other island business to follow suit by donating items or services to Hawaii's schools, that would have a longer lasting effect.