Man Saves Lost Dog's Life

Tom Arnold
Tom Arnold
Dr. Charisse Jeter
Dr. Charisse Jeter

WAIPAHU (KHNL) -- Cats are known to have nine lives.  Well, a dog found in Waipahu may have at least two.

This German Shepherd recovers after a harrowing morning.  He was hit by a car in Waipahu at about 8:45 am Wednesday, along a stretch of Farrington Highway, near a Bank of Hawaii branch.

"When I first got there, nobody wanted to touch the dog," said Good Samaritan Tom Arnold, of Mililani.  "The dog connected eyes with me, and was asking for help."

Arnold knew he couldn't just stand by and watch.

"The dog was alive, it was clinging to life, and I wanted to give it a fighting chance," he said.  "I have a dog myself and I would hope someone else would do that for my dog if my dog got away."

So the animal lover rushed the dog to Animal Clinic Waipahu, just a couple blocks away.  Veterinarian Charisse Jeter and her medical staff had to work quickly to save the dog's life.

"He was bleeding in his chest, and possibly in his abdomen," said Dr. Jeter. "So he was having a hard time breathing."

They performed emergency service: stabilizing the dog, medicating him, and giving him IV (intravenous) fluids.

He is now breathing well on his own.  All of this treatment -- about $800 worth -- were paid for by Arnold.  Dr. Jeter calls him a hero.

"Mr. Arnold was a Good Samaritan," she said. "And if he hadn't saved his dog and brought him in, he would've been dead.  So, he did save his life."

"No, not a hero," Arnold disagreed.  "Just an animal lover.  I think a lot of people would've done this."

But the clinic staff says Arnold is a rare breed.

"Yes, he's a hero," said Dr. Jeter. "Definitely. We're very thankful."

Thankful and hopeful the dog will be reunited with his owner soon.

The dog is expected to recover fully.  He is clean and appears to be well taken care of.

If you are the owner or know who owns the dog, please contact the clinic.  There is someone there 24 hours a day.

The phone number is 671-1751, and the address is 94-806 Moloalo Street, Waipahu, HI  96797.