Carl Clapp Takes on New Task

Carl Clapp
Carl Clapp

MANOA (KHNL) -- A new start at the UH, Interim Athletics Director Carl Clapp takes over the day-to-day operations of the Athletics Department.

Coach June Jones is gone, not long after him, Athletics Director Herman Frazier was shown the door.

Wednesday, a new start of sorts, we hear from the Interim Athletics Director.

After two years of serving as an Associate Athletics Director, Carl Clapp will now work as Acting Athletics Director pending approval from the Board of Regents.

Prior to coming to UH, Clapp was Athletics Director at St. Mary's for six years.

Now, one of his first task is to find a new head football coach.

"I don't want to back us into a corner because the most important thing is to get the right person," said Clapp.  "However long that may take is to get the right person. But I still stick to my original answer that it was about an hour ago. And we''ll keep working on it with that in mind."

Officials at UH tell us that so far over 30 applicants have applied for the job.

And they expect that number to increase.

Clapp did say they will begin reviewing all applications on January 15th, which is Tuesday of next week.

And hopefully, a final decision will come shortly after.