Hawaii Smoking Bill Gets Reviewed

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's been almost a year since the secondhand smoke bill passed in Hawaii and Wednesday, the House Committee on Health held a breifing to review it's impact.

The bill prohibits smoking in public places and work places to protect the public against second hand smoke.

Members of the Hawaii Smokers Alliance were at the meeting and say the bill discriminates against the over 200,000 smokers in the state.

"When the law was passed, there was great concern over that it would have an adverse effect on our tourism numbers also on some businesses so the legislature has requested that this hearing be conducted today to hear all sides of this issue," said Chiyome Foukino, Director Hawaii State Department of Health.

"As smokers, we feel that we've been harassed, demeaned, that we are part of a social engineering program," said Michael Zehner of the Data Analyst Hawaii Smokers Alliance.

The Smokers Alliance believes the ban has impacted the bars alone in a loss of millions of dollars.