Emergency Meeting Called Over Controversial Cabin Project

Greg Knudsen
Greg Knudsen
Sasha Kadona
Sasha Kadona

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- A controversial project in East Oahu calls for more than 100 vacation cabins on preservation land.

Residents were ready to fight the plan Tuesday night, but instead there was a surprising twist.

An attorney representing the developer, QRM, made a startling compromise with protesters.

Vacation cabins planned for land off Kaiwi coast hillsides is a sight residents don't want to see.

"It would spoil the natural beauty of the valley for what? The developer will build then pocket their money then move on," said Hawaii Kai resident Franco Mancassola.

Protestors packed an emergency neighborhood meeting ready to fight the project which calls for 181 cabins in two separate clusters - one in Mauuwai, the other on Queen's Rise.

This is the second time this project has come up. The city rejected it the first time in 2006 because the application was incomplete. At the time, the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board also unanimously voted against the cabin development.

"We don't want it. The neighborhood board has rejected it already and they're apparently trying a new route in order to try and still have it built," said Hawaii Kai resident Sasha Kadona.

Then came an unexpected compromise. The attorney representing QRM, William McCoriston, told the crowd - say yes to the cabins on Mauuwai and QRM will give up the project on Queen's Rise.

Whether residents will accept the compromise remains to be seen at the next Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board Meeting on January 29th.

If the neighborhood board takes up the offer, QRM says it will either deed the land on Queens Rise to the city or to a conservation group so that no one can ever develop that area.