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Warrior Fans Support Jones

Ashley Mikami Ashley Mikami
Alan Short Alan Short
Robert Kaleiohi Robert Kaleiohi

By Beth Hillyer

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- While they are very disappointed, fans we spoke to, support Jones' decision to move on and they wish him well. Warrior fans are sad Jones accepted the SMU offer.

"It was heartbreaking to me devastating because he had done such a wonderful job building up the program but according to the press conference, I guess the final nail was when he put that SMU baseball cap on, that was awful," said John Coleman.

"I believe that he should go with whatever he is happy with, he had a good season at this school and if he wants to make a choice to go to a different school, that is totally up to him. I respect him he's a good coach," said Stephen Meyers.

Some held out hope the coach would remain true to UH.

"Gut feeling was, I really wish he wouldn't go because he's done so much for the state of Hawaii and the football program at UH, it was kinda shocking he would go," said Robert Kaleiohi.

Some believe his departure will spark change.

"This is going to be a tipping point for the program to do the things they need to do, to catch up and so, he kind of said unfortunately, you need to do it now, you needed to do it before," said Alan Short.

"I think the fans should wish him good luck, he wants to get on with his life and hopefully the players will get a new coach and do well like they did this season," said Ashley Mikami.

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