Police: Children Foil Home Break-In in Wahiawa

WAHIAWA (KHNL) -- Four children are being credited with foiling a burglary at their home in Wahiawa Monday morning.

Forty-one-year-old Joseph Pasion and 35-year-old Shannon Ahuna are locked up at the Wahiawa police station. Officers say they caught the suspects because the kids, ranging in age from eight years old to 15 years old, did the right thing.

The Sison children were watching TV at about 9 am, when a real-life drama unfolded. A car pulled up their driveway and two strangers got out.

"I just told my brother and sisters to just go along with me," 15-year-old Jardine Sison said. "It was really scary."

They say they stuck together, as the burglars broke in through a bedroom window.

"A lady came. She was knocking on the door and trying to like get inside and break in the house," eight-year-old Justine Sison said.

"We went into our brother's room, and this lady started feeling with the window," Jardine Sison said. "And we rushed over to our sister's room upstairs and we called 911."

Police say the kids did the right thing by calling 911 and sneaking over to a neighbor's house.

"They even closed the front door as they left, so the suspects weren't even aware that anyone had been in the house," Capt. Moana Heu, Honolulu Police Department, said. "So they were, I guess, pretty surprised when police responded."

The Sisons say the intruders went through some of their belongings before police arrived.

Officers say they found one of the suspects hiding under a bed, and the other in a closet.

"I think it's mean," 12-year-old Janica Sison said. "It's not nice doing, breaking people, breaking into people's houses."

Police say the suspects had burglary tools, drugs and a gun in their possession. Neighbors comforted the children while officers made the arrests."

"I felt kind of sad," Justine Sison, the youngest sibling, said. "I almost cried."

The suspects, who are awaiting charges, may be the sad ones now.