Warrior Fans Blame UH Administration for Jones' Departure

Barbara Childress
Barbara Childress
Matt Teho
Matt Teho

MANOA (KHNL) -- As far as Warrior football fans are concerned, there's plenty of blame to go around.

A handful of the most vocal fans held a rally in front of the University of Hawaii's Administration Building, just as coach Jones made his official announcement in Dallas.

''Shame on you! Shame on you!"

Blame the Hawaii athletic director.

Blame the school president.

Even the state legislature.

But, these fans say, don't blame June Jones.

''I don't have any animosity toward June Jones, whatsoever," said Warrior fan Barbara Childress.  "He was here for nine years and has to look out for himself, too and his family."

Most of these dozen-or-so fans are season ticket holders, who traveled to Hawaii's Sugar Bowl game against Georgia in the Louisiana Superdome.

Now, there's a change at the Warrior's head coaching position.

These football supporters want to see more personnel changes.

Disappointed and sad, these Warrior fans wish Coach Jones the best of luck at his new school.

And now, they're left hoping the same kind of "football good fortune" being enjoyed by SMU, will also be experienced, once again, on the Manoa campus.

''It will also have an impact for several years until we get a new coach and hopefully a new athletic director and rebuild from here," Childress said.

''I think June Jones set a base for Hawaii and showed us what we can become," said Warrior fan Matt Teho.  "If we seize the opportunity, I don't think it's dead."