Jones Still Undecided on Future

Ben Yee
Ben Yee
Dave Shoji
Dave Shoji

(KHNL) -- While June Jones is in the heart of Texas, courted by a school who wants him to run their football program, his heart, apparently, remains in Manoa.

Our source in Dallas says Jones is undecided about which offer to take.

In front of him, two lucrative offers.

One to be the new coach at Southern Methodist University.

Or one to remain at the University of Hawaii.

Hawaii is in continued negotiations with a representative for Jones. And they are talking about both financial, and non-financial aspects of the contract. Details were not released.

Our source in Dallas says meetings with officials from SMU went well. And a decision was expected Sunday night.

Officially, Jones is still under contract at Hawaii until June, and the school has not gotten a letter of resignation.

That has given many some hope.

"I am convinced that he doesn't wanna go," said Ben Yee, vice president of Na Koa, the Warriors' booster club. "and if he should get a commitment on the facilities, and whatever he mentioned, can be improved, I think he'll stay."

Our source in Dallas says SMU is offering up to $2-million a year.

Hawaii made a third offer, which is not known, but a source tells us Hawaii's second offer was five years, $7 million dollars, which comes out to $1.4 million a season.

Another prominent coach at UH says he understands if Jones leaves.

"I don't blame him," said Wahine volleyball coach Dave Shoji. "I think he's done all he can here. And i'm not sure why he would say. It's a great opportunity for him, for another program that wants him, and pays him and has good facilities. SMU's struggled, and there's only one way to go with that program. Here, he's accomplished everything he can accomplish."

Jones wrote up a letter of resignation that he gave to close friends. But again, the school says it has not received such letter. In it, 19-points of Jones' displeasure with the school. The biggest -- no support from leadership.