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Fans Say, Coach Don't Go!

Mike Kim Mike Kim
Sam Bation Sam Bation
Russell Chong Russell Chong
Kelley Oshiro Kelley Oshiro

By Beth Hillyer

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Word of Coach Jones' reported resignation has many Warrior fans reeling and spending their weekend calling and e-mailing everyone from University Administrators to June's inner circle, trying to persuade him to stay.

Some fans think Jones will stay if they give it the old college try.

"It's disappointing but you have to look at how much he has done for the program, he has done so much for the state basically, it's his choice to move on if the administration really wants him they will try to get him," said autograph seeker Russell Chong.

Some held signs in support.

"We are here just getting people to rally around the minute possibility that June Jones might still stay and keep the hope up because people in Hawaii really really support him," explained Kelley Oshiro.

They hope Jones will reconsider.

"The public, we haven't know what we can do and so I feel our last hope is let the government and higher up at the University know that what we will support back them," added Oshiro.

"I can't imagine starting over. It would be just devastating to all these people. We went up to New Orleans had such a good time, people in such a good mood, the amount of spirit was incredible and for the University not to cash in on that it would be so sad," said fan Mike Kim.

Many understand his frustration with the football facilities.

"I guess he had a list of 19 things that had to get fixed and hopefully that's a sign if they fix these things and he'll consider staying and that's what we need. I'm not optimistic I just don't want to see him leave," cried Kim.

"Stay, stay in Hawaii, do it son," begged fan Sam Bation.

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