Big Rig Flips Causing Slow Traffic

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- On Oahu, traffic came to a standstill on Sand Island Access Road Friday morning after a big rig flips over.

It happened on Auiki Street between Puuhale and Sand Island at around 10 AM.

A semi truck carrying a load of dry cement flipped on its side, narrowly missing a fire hydrant.

Crews spent a little more than an hour cleaning up the mess and hooking the semi to a tow truck to get it up right.

No one was injured, but this is an all too familiar scene in this industrial area.

Back in October, a similiar accident happened at the intersection of Sand Island and Nimitz Highway.

A big rig flipped over after witnesses say the driver took the turn too fast to make the light.

Instead, he ended up taking out the traffic light and his truck flipped over, completely blocking the road for all cars going westbound for hours.

A temporary traffic light has since been installed at the intersection.