Lamborghini Shows Off Latest and Greatest

Kelly Snyder
Kelly Snyder

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- The Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini is in Hawaii to show off it's latest and greatest chick magnet.

If you were born with the need for speed, buckle your seat belt.  If the sound doesn't get your attention, the color sure will.

The new souped up Lamborghini is roaring on the roads of Hawaii today.

Lamborghini Hawaii hosted a VIP test drive of it's latest super car -- the Gallardo Superleggera.

"What really sets this car apart, I think, is the all-wheel drive on the car, it loves the road," said Product Specialist Kelly Snyder.

Part of a $1.4 million revention, Lambo's new coupe lost 250 pounds and gained 10 horsepower.

"It's for the gentleman that maybe would like to track the car on weekends," Snyder said.  "It's primarily carbon fiber based."

Lamborghini's current lineup of v-10 sports cars includes the Gallardo Coupe, Roadster and convertible.

At about 520 horsepower, this Lamborghini Spider has paddle shifting, which should be pretty easy to drive.

"It's a nice feeling to step on the gas and feel the engine roar, but other than that, it's so simple that you can drive it every day," said Snyder.

To get your hands on these petals, you'll have to shell out over $200,000.

Spending all that cash does have a benefit.

"It increases the dating life substantially, I would think," said Snyder.

Just don't drool on the car.

If you're interested in upgrading your wheels, you can arrange your very own test drive at Lamborghini Hawaii.