Teen Fires Multiple Shots in Busy Shopping Center

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Teens clash at the McCully Shopping Center and shots are fired. One teenage boy was injured and police are searching for the gunman.

The gunman reportedly fired multiple shots into a group of 12 teens.

Investigators are saying the victims in this case are lucky no one was seriously injured.

Mccully Shopping Center is busy day and night.

A group of 12 teens 14 to 19 years old were hanging out Wednesday night around 11 pm when another large group of teens came up to them.

They argued and the dispute escalated

"We are looking for a shooter who fired off multiple rounds into the crowd. Fortunately no one was hit. There was one minor injury and that resulted from a ricochet off a wall," said Sgt. Kim Buffet.

With bullets flying police say it's a good thing no customers were hit. Teens who hang out here worry about those involved.

"It's discomforting I mean you know a lot of people out here and care about them."

Investigators got a few breaks in the case. The gunman is caught by a survellance camera.

"We do have a video from the shopping center that basically shows the male approaching the group then the next thing we see is people just running and the suspect running with the gun," Buffet said.

And police found an important clue.

"The gun was recovered it was found on the side street on Lime street it was also a reported stolen handgun."

Evidence specialists are inspecting the gun to see if the shooter left his fingerprints on it.

"No matter what happened anyone who is willing to shoot someone over something especially a group of teenagers, that is messed up."