Hawaiian Aahs

If you haven't been somewhere else, then maybe you don't know how lucky you are to be here.  And I mean that without casting aspersions on other places or people.  But when you live here, in Hawaii, you really do have a chance to see, more often than not, the best of what there is to offer in this country, and perhaps on this planet.  Now I don't want to get all maudlin and emotional here, but it really is nice to have the climate we have here--and I don't mean just the weather--and watch the intricate melting pot and bouillabaisse of humanity in Hawaii and reflect on how those other folks get along or don't get along.  How other places seem to have thick skins and hard shields.

Do we have issues here?  Certainly.  Are there undercurrents that we deny?  Perhaps.  Do things sometime move at a glacial pace when change must occur?  Absolutely.  Are some of the issues on the table in 2008 the same ones we tossed around in 2007 and 2006?  Uh-huh.  But it's not that much different in Peoria or San Diego or Boston.  And we do get to see an incredible rainbow here--and I don't just mean the weather, again.

So take a deep breath as you plow into 2008, and maybe once in a while look up and look out--at the air, at the mountains, at the ocean, at the calmness--and realize that you really are in a place that might just be a little more caring, a little more nurturing, a little more of the way it was intended way back when it all came to pass.  Lucky you live Hawaii?  You betcha.  Happy New Year, Hawaii.  Think About It.