Brennan Still Feeling the Pain a Day Later

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) -- A day later, the game still hurts for the Warriors and their fans.

But for quarterback Colt Brennan, there's one thing that makes the loss sting even more. Colt Brennan.

Either on the run.

Under pressure.

Or on the ground.

All game long.

"It was crazy, but to be honest, until I go back and watch the film, I don't know what I saw. I just remember getting hit a lot," said Brennan.

He was.

Sacked a season high eight times.

Plus all the hits he took that don't come up in the stat sheet.

All that translated into no touchdowns.

Two fumbles.

Three interceptions.

"Whether it be a bad read, or a bad throw. Guys didn't do the right thing, all these little things kept happening that killed our drives and we couldn't get any momentum," Brennan said.

But that didn't stop the Warriors from believing they could come back.

"Once we get that first touchdown, things will start clicking, things will start falling into place and we could never just get anything going.  That's why tonight's so disappointing because never in a million years would I imagine to end this way."

But Hawaii's dream season came to a nightmarish end.

And Brennan feels the worst for the thousands of Warrior fans at the Superdome, and everyone back in the islands.

"I thank you guys for all your support. I thank you guys for being the way you guys were, and we're just so sorry and disappointed that we couldn't represent you guys the way you guys deserve to be."