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Warriors' Loss Tough to Swallow

Colt Brennan Colt Brennan
Jacob Patek Jacob Patek

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) --Tuesday's loss was tough to swallow but imagine what it was like to be a Warrior fan inside the Superdome.  For a firsthand account, let's turn it over to Howard Dashefsky in New Orleans.

HOWARD DASHEFSKY:  People are going to forget about the actual score, they may not forget about the fact that we lost but when people look back at this season, they'll going to remember what an amazing journey it was.  From the very beginning of the season and some of those road victories at Louisana and Nevada and some of the overtime thrillers, Fresno, Boise and Washington, and then the journey here and for the fans, regardless of their age, it was like every person was a 12 year old going to Disneyland for the very first time.  You can see the excitement, you can feel it whether you're walking on Bourbon Street and watching the fans pour into this stadium tonight, it was truly an experience the people will treasure, a memory that will last a life time.  For Colt Brennan, it's a memory too that will last a lifetime but it was not the memory he had hope to see, the final chapter in which has become a truly career here.  We had an opportunity to talk to the UH star quarterback, the second runner up in the Heisman Trophy just after the game.

COLT BRENNAN:  I came back this year to kind of have a great season and in a way it really was, you know.  We got to the Sugar Bowl.  I think it showed some maturity and that I knew how to come in and handle business and get the job done and that's why tonight's so disappointing because in a million years that I ever think we be to match up to them.

HOWARD:  And just as you're listening to that interview with Colt Brennan, Colt and the rest of the Warriors, their entourage of three buses just headed down past me so they're making their way back to Headquarters, the Marriott Hotel there on Canal Street.  And no doubt, regardless of the final outcome, there will be hundreds and if not perhaps a thousand fans waiting there to meet and greet the Warriors.  They have been there the entire week.  These kids are just absolutely rock stars.  In fact the whole city of New Orleans has really embraced the team, regardless of what happened between the White Lions tonight I'm sure they're gonna go to a very warm reception on a very chilly night in New Orleans.   Now the offense struggled out here tonight of course the defense had a very difficult time holding back a very powerful offense on the part of the Georgia Bulldogs.  We also had an opportunity to speak to Jacob Patek after the game.

JACOB PATEK:  It's a different game, going from WAC to play SEC but the better team won tonight.  They got things done rather then us getting things done.  It's tough but, they're a great team.  Brown and Moreno, those guys are great and being able to rotate those guys in, really keeps them fresh legs and be able to give their all, every time they get out there and not get fatigue as tired so those guys, they played their hearts out and we played the best we could.

HOWARD:  So Jacob Patek talking about this very difficult job it was for the Hawaii defense to control the Bulldogs offense.  The head coach Mark Richt for Georgia, when initially it was announced that they were coming to this game, there were some initial disappointment because many thought, including Bulldogs nation that they should be playing in the BCS Championship game but then the mantra for them became ‘okay we need to win this game because a big win tonight puts us in position next year' because if you start the season ranked high, you have a better chance to being in that number one or two spot in the BCS poll by the end of the season.  Well obviously, they did what they needed to do to put themselves in position for a big campaign as they look forward to fall of 2008. Regardless of the final outcome, they got to play the game and tonight, the Warriors come up short.

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