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Warrior Fans Frustrated Over Power Outage During Super Bowl

Brendan Birchfiel Brendan Birchfiel
Rhonda Criado Rhonda Criado

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- The Warriors offense and defense weren't the only things that went wrong Tuesday night.

The cable went out for many Warrior fans. That caused a big crowd to flock to The Shack in Hawaii Kai.

The bar broadcast the game, via satellite.

The owner of The Shack says dozens of frustrated fans showed up during the game.

"We had at least about 50-60 people show up within ten minutes of the power going out," said bar owner Brendan Birchfiel.  "They couldn't understand what happened but they were happy to be able to enjoy, hopefully a little bit of a better ending for Hawaii."

"Actually, we were watching the game and it was kind of sad and she said 'turn it off I can't watch it anymore' and then the cable went out," said Rhonda Criado, a Hawaii Kai resident. "We were really upset it was a bad time for cable to go out."

Folks on the Big Island and Maui also experienced similar cable problems.

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