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Fan Sticking By the Warriors

Nicky Chabin Nicky Chabin
Marc Miranda Marc Miranda

By Mari-ela David

MOILIILI (KHNL) -- Warrior fans are reeling from UH's loss but they still wear the school colors with pride.

After all, this year saw some unprecedented successes for the UH football team.

Fans that have left here are a little disappointed but none the less proud of the Warriors greatest season.

Fans packed Eastside Grill to catch this historic game even during the third quarter when the Warriors were down 21 points most still stood by UH believing the team could make a comeback against the Bulldogs.

That didn't happen but even before the game started win or lose fans told us they stand by the Warriors no matter what.

"We're still gonna love them.  We're going to support them always but we want a little more we expect big things," said UH fan Nicky Chabin.

"We got here nobody else is undefeated right now so we can say we're 12-0 at one time so it's all good," said Warrior fan Marc Miranda.

Eastside Grill is a popular UH hangout.  It's close to campus so a lot of students and UH alumni were out here Tuesday night.

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