Warriors Ready to Leave Mark in College Football History

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) -- Not only are the Warriors in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, but thousands of Hawaii fans have arrived for the big game. A sea of green has washed over the big easy, where the Hawaii faithful are making a big impact on the town.

But as a new year arrives, it also marks the end of an era for Hawaii football.   This Tuesday, Colt Brennan and the 23 other seniors on the Warrior squad will put on their jersey one last time, and they're looking to take care of business.

Usually sugar leaves a sweet taste in the mouth.   However, for Hawaii fans, coaches and players, this year's Sugar Bowl will be more bitter sweet, as the sun will soon set in the college careers of 24 beloved players.

"It's the last game, there's nothing left after this, so it's a feeling I've never really experienced before going into a football game, but it feels good and a lot of the guys are just feeling good about how this season went and how it's gonna end and the excitement," said Colt Brennan.

Tuesday's contest will be the biggest game in Hawaii football history, and the team's ready to leave their mark on the college football world.

"We're ready as we've been in the past, so we're ready to go, we're excited about the game, Colt looks good, the whole offense looked good as did the defense and we're ready to rumble."

The Warriors haven't received a whole lot of respect this year, but they're looking to change that on Tuesday. And it all begins with Brennan.

"Last year, I was in all those things, I was in all those talks, and I didn't come away with no awards this year. So for me, I'm ready to go out there, it's the exact opposite. I'm trying to go out there and show people what they've missed out on the last three year," Brennan said.

The burden doesn't lie squarely on Colt and the offense's shoulders though.   The defense plays just as important of a role for the Warriors to succeed.

"The best thing about our defense is that when we need them to make a play, they've always made the play. And when you're the quarterback, that's the kind of defense that you want. You don't want the defense that has the best stats but gives up the big play, you want the defense that shows up when the times count and that's exactly the type of defense we have," Brennan said.

"Every team this season has underestimated our front seven and I think that's the strong point of our defense.  We just gotta go out there play hard, play our technique and play perfect football."

The Warriors will definitely have their hands full against the Bulldogs but it should be a great game.