Warriors Tour New Orleans Hospital

Nancy Cassagne
Nancy Cassagne

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) -- The Warriors are mean, they're tough, they're bad but they also have a very gentle side. And they showed that Saturday, when they paid a special visit to a local hospital.

Carrying with them the warmth and spirit of the Hawaiian islands, coach Jones and about 4 dozen of his UH Warrior players filled the halls of the West Jefferson Medical Center.

They shared both their time and Aloha with the young, as well as the elderly.

Sometimes offering inspiring words.

At other times, just listening.

"I stayed in the hospital a long long time finally they flushed me out of the ocean, me, the pilot was dead," said Harrison Schouest, a World War II veteran.

For these Warriors, who so often wear the label of the underdog, it was a chance to simply share some smiles, and connect with people who's challenges run far deeper.

"It's really cool to see people that are struggling but still have a positive attitude and when we come in to see their faces light up and they all know what's going on, they've seen us play, it's cool. It's real cool," said UH quarterback, Tyler Graunke.

"Gosh, it's just wonderful just watching the faces of the patients seeing their smiles it's just made everybody's day. I don't know who's more excited the kids or the parents," said hospital CEO, Nancy Cassagne.

"The bottom line, the looks on some of these faces and what it means to people in this hospital even the workers building their spirits up. I heard some of the stories about Katrina and it's pretty unbelievable so we're glad that we're able to help," said head coach June Jones.

So who was touched more, the players or the people in the hospital? No doubt, it's a win-win situation.