Dealing With It

How do you deal with the loss of a loved one?  Wow, heavy question, but reality for all of us at one time or another.  And even more difficult for some at this particular time of the year with celebrating and laughing and reflecting all around.  I'm certainly no licensed or practicing analyst, but I do know that expressing your feelings to others can help, and reflecting on those great moments from the past can help.  Smiling as you recollect, simple, but therapeutic in reviving thoughts of a deceased, loved one, can certainly be an internal ally, too.

Music--listening to songs that remind you of that special someone--that can make you feel a sense of gratitude for the time you had together.  The one thing to keep in mind, is that while at times you feel hurt and alone, you truly are not alone.  There are others out there.  I know that for a fact, because this year, I am one of them.  And yeh, it's tough at times.  And you keep yourself busy, and you push on, and you hope the hurt will lessen, and time seems to help a bit.  But you never forget, and for me that's a good thing; I hope for you, too.

You never know when thoughts of the dear departed will embrace you or sadden you or remind you, but I guess you gotta learn to cherish those moments, too.  For our memory is the lasting image, the vivid mental picture that keeps it real and reminds us that we are, indeed, human. And that's ok.  A new day, a new year, a new dawn is upon us.  Remember, and Think About It.