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December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Hum

Why can't it last?  I mean the spirit, the decorations, the jovial camaraderie, the good tidings and all.  Why must we let a short season and a calendar dictate our actions and reactions?  Is it really that hard for the species human to be upbeat, vibrant, forgiving, pleasant, and understanding for more than about two straight weeks a year?  Is it that tough to tidy things up and put eye candy around to make our sometimes mundane surroundings look a bit spiffier now and again?  We tend to be a civil sort in Hawaii, but can we do better more often?  Of course we can.

I understand and embrace the deeper implications of Christmas, but we sure do it up with displays and gifts and everything else which really don't dig below the surface of "feel good."  Ok, so without the gifts and the excess of food, how about if we all make it our resolution to carry this spirit, this concept, this sensibility into more of a year-round affair.  Good tidings, peace on earth, joy to the world--we don't really need just an abbreviated season for that, now do we?

Can we try to evolve to a point where this stuff really has longevity and meaning beyond the dates we've been given?  I don't know, maybe it is too much to ask everyone to relax a bit, enjoy their fellow man, etc., etc., all the time.  But isn't that part of what this season is about-- hopeful wish lists??  Merry Christmas.  Think About It.

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