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Warriors Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Jeff Reinebold Jeff Reinebold
David Farmer David Farmer
Blaze Soares Blaze Soares

By Jason Tang

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) -- It's the final weekend for the Hawaii football team before they play the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl this Tuesday, and while most people use the weekend to sleep in, it was exactly the opposite for Warriors.

Saturday morning, head coach June Jones got the team back into their usual routine by holding practice at 7. Something that the team hasn't done since arriving in the Big Easy last Tuesday.

For coaches, the early practices were a way of getting back into the swing of things, but for the players, they didn't quite see it that way.

"It's kind of getting back to what we do, and the fact of the matter is, we're guests here in the Saints facility, and they practice in the morning so it made it tough for us to be in here in the morning. I know this is June's comfort zone, he likes to work in the morning that's our Motus Apperondi," said Warrior defensive line coach, Jeff Reinebold. 

"He never explain anything to us, we just follow, I mean what am I going to do? File a complaint? I just wake up, show up and play and we're going to try and beat Georgia," said Warrior running back, David Farmer.

"Oh well, back home it's like 3 o'clock in the morning I believe, I don't think this is normal, this is abnormal. But I guess this is what Jones wants, so it's all good," said Warrior linebacker, Blaze Soares.

The Warriors will use the Saints facility to practice for the final time Sunday.  On Monday, they practice in the Superdome, and then the game is set to kick off at 3:30 Hawaii time on New Year's day.

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